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About Tirrell

Tirrell is 15 years old and lives in NC

Tirrell is the most gentle and kind soul the world could ever find. Tirrell was placed in foster care as a newborn, and adopted by another family. He lived a horrible life and was isolated in a room, never allowed to even go to school. Tirrell was placed in another home at 13 years old, not even knowing how to verbalize a complete sentence and having no social skills. Because he was not able to enter a mainstream school, Tirrell was given permission to be homeschooled, even though he was in foster care. Tirrell has made leaps and bounds and is starting from the beginning educationally. His favorite subject is math. He is very smart and has a natural drive to learn. He even excels at taking piano lessons! Tirrell has a desire to finish school (up through 12th grade) and go on to college. His desire right now is to be a policeman. Tirrell was recently adopted by his family!