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About Winther

Winther is 27 years old and lives in IL

Winther is someone who has been making a real difference in the world. As someone who was once impacted by the foster care system, Winther believes in giving back and empowering foster youth to create opportunities for themselves through nonprofit and information science interests. She's incredibly passionate about Business and Entrepreneurship, and as a first-generation graduate, she's changing the trajectory of her family and upbringing of her son. Winther is all about finding joy in life, whether it's from laughing until tears, spending time with her beautiful son, paying it forward, or enjoying some delicious food! One of her favorite quotes is "To change your life, you must change your mindset" -Brad Turnbull. Winther is an incredibly resilient, accepting, and warm person. She has a know-how attitude and a very resourceful and helpful spirit to support her family, friends, and even strangers, all with a deep commitment to public service. She received the "2022 Outstanding Young Leader Brilliant & Resilient Award Winner" award at Foster Club, which just goes to show how amazing she really is. Her achievements, skills, and genuine empathy for people make her a strong and successful leader.