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Let's make some wishes come true together! One Simple Wish believes all children deserve to a joyful childhood. And we want to work with you to make that possible. If you represent a nonprofit that serves children in foster care, please use the form below to apply to become part of our Community Partner Network.

Here's how it works:

What WE Will Do

  1. One Simple Wish works tirelessly to create and strengthen relationships with people around the world to encourage awareness and support of the needs of children in foster care.
  2. One Simple Wish shares your wishes with thousands of individual, group and corporate supporters to find a connection that will make your wishes come true.
  3. When each wish is granted, our dedicated OSW Reps carefully fill each wish.
  4. OSW Reps follow up to learn the impact of each wish.
  5. One Simple Wish continues to engage supporters in our mission to ensure that every child in foster care has a chance at a happier childhood.

What YOU Must Do

  1. Ask the children you work with what would make their life a little bit brighter.
  2. Submit those wishes in a clear and compelling manner through our website.
  3. Once posted, share those wishes with your network through email, social media and word of mouth.
  4. Confirm receipt of each wish once it is received.
  5. Send handwritten or handmade thank you notes from the child or young person for each wish received. Pictures approved for sharing are encouraged!

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