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A Special Pair of Slippers for Miranda to wear in her resource home

Posted Nov 23, 2022
Miranda has recently been placed in a resource home that insists that she take her shoes off when she enters the door. She feels uncomfortable with that and has asked if she can wear slippers while she is in the common spaces in the house. The resource parent has agreed and she picked out slippers that would be great for her. She will be so excited to get these amazing shoes this holiday season to get a piece of normalcy in her life.

Miranda is 19 years old and lives in NJ

Miranda is a sweet girl that just wants to get through her time in foster care and learn as much as possible about life for when it is time for her to be on her own. She loves history and would love to someday track her family tree. She wants to someday also be an author and write about women rising to the top.

The Wish Story

Family Services requests this wish for Miranda.

One Simple Wish posts the wish to the website.

Abbey grants the wish for Miranda! Thanks Abbey.

"Sending love from Georgia, USA. I hope you find a great pair of slippers to wear & remember that there is love for you in this world. So much love. "

One Simple Wish sends the gift to the Family Services for Miranda.

Family Services receives the wish!

Miranda receives the gift from Family Services !

"Thank you for granting their wish! They are going to love it! "

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