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Support for OSW's 2023 Scholarship Program

Posted Jan 9, 2023
Each year One Simple Wish aims to provide over $100,000 in scholarships to those that aged out of foster care. There is no age limit to the program, and we allow applicants to apply for two- and four-year colleges as well as trade schools and certifications. This very unique approach allows so many more individuals to pursue higher education in a flexible way. Your gift helps us fund this very important program! If you'd like to give a larger donation to our scholarship program, please email [email protected]

Scholarship Applicant is 19 years old and lives in Trenton, NJ

Each year only 2% of former foster youth attend and graduate from college. Many young people did not have the guidance or financial means to apply for and pursue higher education when aging out of care, despite many having aspirations and the drive to do so.

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