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About This Wish

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A Customized blanket for Gianna to celebrate her adoption into her forever family

Posted Jan 13, 2023
Giann will be getting adopted by her current foster family on February 13th. This adoption date is a special time for the foster family, as it is a week before the foster father’s birthday, and a little over a week after Gianna’s birthday. In addition to the timing, Gianna will be named after the foster father’s biological mother who passed away before Gianna could have met her. The foster family, and their extended family love Gianna and she is extremely bonded with them. She is constantly seeking out the foster mother, saying mama, or snuggling up to the foster father. This blanket will be used to show Gianna her future name, and be a reminder to her of this exciting event that happened in her life and a keepsake for her to hold on to as she gets older.

Gianna is 1 year old and lives in Bellefontaine, OH

Gianna is often described as a medical miracle baby. Gianna was born addicted to drugs due to the exposure she received while in the womb. The amount of different drugs she was exposed to and had to withdraw from after her birth is past the lethal amount for newborns. After being cleared from the exposure, and marked done from withdrawal, Gianna was sent home to a medical knowledgeable home. From there, Gianna has consistently passed all expectations of her developmental milestones. The family has to be cautious to make sure they are the most preventative to protect Gianna from being exposed to different diseases due to her drug exposure affecting her immune system ability to prevent sickness.

The Wish Story

Adriel Foster Care and Adoption requests this wish for Gianna.

One Simple Wish posts the wish to the website.

Awesome Human grants the wish for Gianna! Thanks Awesome Human.

"Enjoy! God Bless!!!"

One Simple Wish sends the gift to the Adriel Foster Care and Adoption for Gianna.

Gianna receives the gift from Adriel Foster Care and Adoption!

"Thank you for granting this wish for a blanket for Gianna. This is going to be such a keepsake for her to celebrate the adoption of her into her forever family. Thank you for helping make this day to be extra special for Gianna! "

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