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A Bubble Waffle Maker for Kyla who loves making flavored waffles

Posted Jan 23, 2023
Kyla's favorite go-to food is waffles. She likes them plain, with chocolate chips, peanut butter, strawberries and whipped cream, you name it. She recently fell in love with bubble waffles. But because you can't buy bubble waffles already packaged in the grocery stores. She wants to make her own bubble waffles. She will be able to create all of her favorite waffles right in the beauty of her own home. She would even be able to be creative and make different flavor waffles all at one time. She would be just thrilled to receive this as a birthday gift.

Kyla is 18 years old and lives in Fort Worth, TX

Kyla is a bright young lady. However, she doesn't feel worthy. She has always been looked down on and told that she will never amount to anything. Through it all, Kyla still pushes through each day trying to prove all the naysayers wrong. In her spare time, she enjoys listening to music. making TikTok videos and eating ice cream. Once she graduates, she wants to become a dentist.

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The Homes for Children requests this wish for Kyla.

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"Hope you have a wonderful birthday!"

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