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A Clean Set of Nail Clippers for Kristiona to care for her nails properly without worry

Posted Mar 16, 2023
Kristiona's fingernail clippers are currently old, rusty, and really dull. They were hand-me-downs from when she was in High School. She would like to be able to have this set so she can safely cut her fingernails without fear of cutting herself and introducing rust. Plus it’s really important to her, as a teacher of toddlers, to maintain short fingernails for their safety and make hand washing easier as she washes her hands after all diaper changes 4-5 times a day plus after various activities throughout the day.

Kristiona is 28 years old and lives in CO

Originally, Kristiona was placed in Foster Care at the age of two where she was adopted, only to again be bounced around from foster home to foster home at the age of nine. She was adopted and then returned to foster care where she aged out. Kristiona became independent and started her college journey and has been successful at it despite everyday obstacles and medical issues. Kristiona has graduated from CMU with her Bachelor's degree and is looking at continuing her education to work with children. She currently works with an early head start preschool as a teacher and enjoys every moment. Kristiona is committed to breaking a generational cycle of abuse and lack of education. Her ultimate goal is to own and run a summer camp for children in foster care, that is not only fun, but can also provide them with therapeutic and mentoring supports.

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"Thank you for granting this wish. It gives me peace of mind knowing I can maintain proper fingernail hygiene and be safe myself + not risk injuring anyone in my class. It means a lot. "

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