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A Nugget for Jonyia who adores her foster sisters

Posted Apr 28, 2023
Jonyia’s parents are trying to keep her safe every day especially when she climbs and jumps. Friends of the family have a Nugget and Jonyia is obsessed. She is thrilled to climb all over and loves building forts. Jonyia has been doing occupational therapy for the past year. Having access to the Nugget would help her with the recommended exercises to meet her goals. She is not walking yet and will start physical therapy soon if she doesn’t start walking. This wish will help her with her strength and balance to be ready to start walking.

Jonyia is 1 year old and lives in IL

Jonyia has been with her foster family since they took her home from the hospital. Her foster mom says they are in total awe of this amazing baby. She is constantly climbing, laughing, and loves to dance. Jonyia follows her 2 foster sisters all day trying to be just like them. They all think she is the best!

The Wish Story

Equipping the Called Foster and Crisis Closet requests this wish for Jonyia.

One Simple Wish posts the wish to the website.

Awesome Human grants the wish for Jonyia! Thanks Awesome Human.

"Hope she enjoys!"

One Simple Wish sends the gift to the Equipping the Called Foster and Crisis Closet for Jonyia.

Equipping the Called Foster and Crisis Closet receives the wish!

Jonyia receives the gift from Equipping the Called Foster and Crisis Closet!

"Thank you so much for granting this wish for Jonyia. She definitely will enjoy it. We’re so happy for her to have a safe place to explore and be adventurous. Your generosity is so appreciated!"

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