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A skateboard for Baru who discovered a new hobby

Posted May 21, 2023
Baru had an amazing time during our skateboarding field trip. He hopes to get a skateboard of his own to continue this hobby. During the summer he has access to a few nearby skateparks!

Baru is 16 years old and lives in CA

Baru is a well-traveled young man and has lived in multiple countries in Africa and Europe before moving to the US. He loves listening to 70s and 80s rock and funk and will sing along. He is very studious and his goal is to improve his English. He loves making beautiful things and teaching his friends French.

The Wish Story

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Awesome Human grants the wish for Baru! Thanks Awesome Human.

"Do a kickflip! "

One Simple Wish sends the gift to the Community Initiatives/Seen52 for Baru.

Baru receives the wish from Community Initiatives/Seen52

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