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Help for Jabria to Enroll in College

Posted May 24, 2023
In order for Jabria to excel academically, it is crucial that she secures her enrollment and dormitory space by making a deposit. Without this deposit, her financial aid will not be accessible. It is imperative that she completes this step, as her entire college journey hinges on it. Losing this opportunity due to a small monetary amount would be devastating for her and could significantly alter the course of her life.

Jabria is 17 years old and lives in PA

Jabria is a very bright and ambitious young woman. Her experience living in foster care has heavily impacted her, but she has never strayed from focusing on school and college admission. From the inception of her case, she has had higher hopes for herself far beyond her experienced trauma. She applied to and was accepted to a school specifically for children in the child welfare system and has since been an upstanding student. Recently, she took the initiative to apply to a local college. She has since been accepted with a significant merit scholarship.

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