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A new phone for Jaison who wants to keep in contact

Posted May 25, 2023
Jaison relies on his phone to keep in contact while he is at school, at work and while out working on his physical health. He is due to start an EMT class in the Summer and will need a working phone in order to keep in contact with the EMT program. He is in need of something updated so he can be sure it will work for him.

Jaison is 19 years old and lives in NJ

Jaison is a very industrious young man. He has his eye on a future as an EMT and makes his physical health a priority. Jaison commits to a routine of healthy eating, exercise, and does MMA. Jaison is also an avid bike rider and enjoys skateboarding. Jaison takes his wellbeing seriously and tries to educate others on healthy food and exercise. Jaison does not let anything stop him from his goals and when he sees what he wants he works until it is achieved.

The Wish Story

Ocean's Harbor House requests this wish for Jaison.

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*OSW Towards A Wish grants the wish for Jaison! Thanks *OSW Towards A Wish.

One Simple Wish sends the gift to the Ocean's Harbor House for Jaison.

Ocean's Harbor House receives the wish!

Jaison receives the gift from Ocean's Harbor House!

"Thak you so much for the phone, the generosity and kindness of strangers is really overwhelming."

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