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A cool car to play for Malachi so he could play with other kids his age

Posted May 25, 2023
Malachi would like this cool car to play with and it would do tricks for him. He can then ask other boys to come over and see what cool toy he has and make friendships. He would love this for his birthday and be cool like other kids.

Malachi is 6 years old and lives in MO

Malachi is a twin to Maisie. They are inseparable. They were separated and now they are back together. So, both have special needs. Malachi is very smart and loves his movies and games. He can communicate with simple words, and he loves being read to no matter what it is. He loves horses and pets. He loves his caregivers, and he is a snuggle bug. He is working on therapies and is doing good. He is working hard in communication. He loves wearing a watch and his headphones and listening to videos, or music. He loves to watch others play and tries hard to let his voice be heard.

The Wish Story

Abilities First requests this wish for Malachi.

One Simple Wish posts the wish to the website.

Lacey grants the wish for Malachi! Thanks Lacey.

"Happy birthday Malachi! I hope you have so much fun with your new car. I bet you could create some really awesome car tricks! "

One Simple Wish sends the gift to the Abilities First for Malachi.

Malachi receives the gift from Abilities First !

"Dear Lacey, Thank you for my cool car! it is so cool. It goes fast and it does tricks. I have played with it all the time. I even put it by my bed at night so I can play with it again the next day. Thank you for sending me this cool car to play with. "

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