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A bedframe for Dianna to complete a room makeover for her daughter

Posted Jun 7, 2023
Dianna's little girl has her own new room and first big girl bed. This is a wonderful milestone for both Dianna and her daughter. Dianna is requesting assistance getting her daughter a bed frame to complete the room makeover. Both Dianna and her daughter will gain comfort and confidence as her daughter starts the road to small independence such as sleeping in her own room and bed.

Dianna is 34 years old and lives in CO

Dianna is an amazing mother. She has worked hard to get ahead in life and is very independent. Dianna is very organized and loves to have things in their place and cannot wait to find a place of her own for her family. Being a single mom is a struggle but she manages and always puts her best foot forward. She loves to bring joy to others and is always doing things to help a friend in need.