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A book for Willow to read over the summer

Posted Jun 9, 2023
Willow found a book at the local store that she really wants to read. She doesn't have the money right now but had reserved it while she tried to save up. Her reservation has almost run out and she still doesn't have the money but really wants to read this book. Willow is a hands-on and visual learner and is looking forward to reading this book that carries images within its writing. She would love help so she can have a chance to experience this story for herself.

Willow is 18 years old and lives in OR

Willow is someone who sees the light in everyone. She is a big dreamer who works towards her goals and truly wants to turn around her life for good. She uses her experiences to help others and bring awareness to certain problems such as sexual harassment. Willow always keeps a positive mentality and is very inclusive when it comes to meeting new folks.

The Wish Story

Catholic Community Services requests this wish for Willow Knott.

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Awesome Human grants the wish for Willow Knott! Thanks Awesome Human.

"Enjoy your book this summer! "

One Simple Wish sends the gift to the Catholic Community Services for Willow Knott.

Willow receives the wish from Catholic Community Services

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