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Summer clothes for Linda that fit and feel good on her body

Posted Jul 19, 2023
Linda is working part-time at the moment and looking for additional work to cover her expenses. She's also trying to pick up extra shifts whenever possible. However, she's having a bit of trouble finding summer clothes that fit her current body size. Despite this, Linda's staying positive and would really appreciate some help finding suitable clothing. Would you be able to lend a helping hand?

Linda is 22 years old and lives in NJ

Linda is a resilient, bright, and independent young woman previously in placement. Linda saved up enough money to purchase a used vehicle and is so proud that she is a licensed driver now. Shortly after purchasing the used car, Linda's car was completely totaled in a highway accident. Thankfully, Linda did not sustain any injuries and continues working hard to replenish her savings for another used vehicle eventually.

The Wish Story

Multicultural Community Services, Inc. requests this wish for Linda.

One Simple Wish posts the wish to the website.

SUELLYN grants the wish for Linda! Thanks SUELLYN.

"Hi there! I hope this fall is a good time for you and hope you are able to find some nice things to wear for this upcoming season."

One Simple Wish sends the gift to the Multicultural Community Services, Inc. for Linda.

Multicultural Community Services, Inc. receives the wish!

Linda receives the gift from Multicultural Community Services, Inc.!

"Thank you for granting summer clothes for Linda that fit and feel good on her body; it's greatly appreciated!"

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