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About This Wish

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A shopping trip for Cylin to get some back to school clothes

Posted Jul 25, 2023
Cylin is wishing to be able to shop for new school clothes, as she has not been able to purchase her own items before. She is in need of some new clothing as her last year wardrobe is worn and tattered. She would like to be able to select some items of her own from Target. Cylin is a growing and loves to feel and look good.

Cylin is 7 years old and lives in TX

Cylin is bubbly and friendly. She enjoys playing with dolls and with her siblings. She is very talkative. She enjoys watching videos on the family computer and singing songs. She is interested in gymnastics. She loves JoJo Siwa and watches her videos all day!

The Wish Story

Department of Family and Protective Services requests this wish for Cylin.

One Simple Wish posts the wish to the website.

Susan grants the wish for Cylin! Thanks Susan.

"Cylin, Thank you for letting me help you in this way, Cylin. I hope you find beautiful new clothes that make you feel like the precious girl you are! Know that you are loved and that Jesus is always with you. You will be in my prayers! With love, Susan J. P.S. What a beautiful name you have!"

One Simple Wish sends the gift to the Department of Family and Protective Services for Cylin.

Department of Family and Protective Services receives the wish!

Cylin receives the gift from Department of Family and Protective Services!

"On behalf of Cylin. We would like to thank you for granting her this wish. "

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