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A Phone for Arek's birthday so she can keep in contact with her siblings and friends

Posted Jul 28, 2023
Arek's placement recently asked for her to be moved, and with no options, she moved into a five-day emergency bed. With a stroke of luck, we found a Sudanese family to take in Arek while a long-term plan could be made for her. The foster mother fell in love with Arek, and they were able to bond over their Sudanese culture. She will now keep Arek long-term and help her transition into adulthood. However, she was not prepared for a teenager in her home and is working hard to get everything Arek needs, including a bed, dresser, clothing, etc. Arek will turn 17 in just over two weeks after being placed in this new home. She would love a new phone for her birthday because her previous placement took her phone when she moved. Having a phone is important to Arek so she can stay connected with her friends, siblings, and employer.

Arek is 17 years old and lives in NE

Arek is a bright and fun young woman. She has been in foster care since 2018 and currently has no contact with her family. Arek is Sudanese, and it is very important to her to be placed with a Sudanese family to stay connected to her culture. Arek excels at school and finished last school year with a 3.8 GPA. She also holds a steady job at a nearby gas station, and they always have great things to say about her. Arek has suffered a lot of trauma in her life and is working hard with a mentor and her therapist to ensure her mental health needs are met so she can succeed as she moves into independent living in the next couple of years.

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"Thank you! Arek is so excited to have a new phone!"

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