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A phone for Ethan to stay in touch with those he loves

Posted Sep 12, 2023
Thanks to an amazingly generous supporter, this wish is just $25 for a limited time! Find out more at the link in the orange bar at the top of the site.*** Ethan needs a phone to be able to apply for jobs, communicate with his sister, and expand his social network. Ethan lives in an isolated area in a trailer park. The phone will also give him access to computer like capabilities for research and daily tasks. This phone will revolutionize his daily life!

Ethan is 16 years old and lives in CA

Ethan has had many moves and challenges in his young life. Despite this Ethan has kept a positive attitude and is very appreciative of the opportunities he is provided. He is kind, caring, and always asking what he can do to help out. Ethan also helps keep his sister safe and feeling loved and supported. Ethan does not have much financial support to buy needed items, however he will do side work when he can to earn money. He is motivated and on track to work towards high school graduation.

The Wish Story

Urban Surf 4 Kids requests this wish for Ethan.

One Simple Wish posts the wish to the website.

Awesome Human grants the wish for Ethan! Thanks Awesome Human.

"I hope you enjoy your new phone! "

One Simple Wish sends the gift to the Urban Surf 4 Kids for Ethan.

Ethan receives the gift from Urban Surf 4 Kids!

"From Urban Surf 4 Kids: Thank you for your generosity! Ethan will be so excited to receive his gift. As a low-income, at-risk teen, necessities (like phones) are often considered a luxury. Ethan and his siblings have dealt with a plethora of hardships and your kind act, as well as the others who purchased their gifts, will remind them that there's wonderful people out there who truly care about them. "

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