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A movie giftcard so Jasmin and her brother can celebrate her18th birthday

Posted Aug 14, 2023
It's been tough for Jasmin since she recently lost her mother, but she just turned 18 and it's a significant milestone. Jasmin enjoys spending time with her brother, especially when they go to the movies. She's hoping to mark her special day with a fun movie outing with her brother!

Jasmin is 18 years old and lives in NE

Jasmin has dealt with some big personal challenges, specifically surrounding the death of her mom. She is missing her a lot lately. She is keeping her head up and focused on a bright future. She loves going for walks with her worker, spending time with her younger brother, and going shopping. She loves browsing through Target with a Starbucks as a fun day! She does well in school, has a job, and is excited about the independence that comes with turning 18.

The Wish Story

CEDARS requests this wish for Jasmin.

One Simple Wish posts the wish to the website.

Awesome Human grants the wish for Jasmin! Thanks Awesome Human.

"Happy Birthday Jasmin. Hope you get to enjoy some time with your Brother. Heather Bronenkant"

One Simple Wish sends the gift to the CEDARS for Jasmin.

Jasmin receives the gift from CEDARS!

"Jasmin was SO excited when presented with her gift in celebration of her 18th birthday. She was in tears at the generosity of someone she has never met, who cared enough to make this special for her. You really have made such a difference! "

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