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Driving Lessons for Jade who wants to buy a car

Posted Sep 28, 2023
Jade has wanted to learn how to drive for years but couldn't prioritize this goal over her many other responsibilities as a mother, student, and sister. Now, Jade realizes that learning to drive could benefit her entire family. This wish will pay for her driving lessons and propel her forward on her goals.

Jade is 25 years old and lives in NY

Jade is a resilient, caring, and nurturing young woman who became the head of her household in her early twenties. Due to family circumstances, Jade spent many years in her twenties being the sole provider for herself, her son, and her two younger siblings. Although her siblings have grown up, they rely heavily on her for emotional and financial support. Jade has a heart of gold and oftentimes puts her community above herself, but that doesn't mean she doesn't have big dreams! She plans on earning an associate's degree in community health and one day becoming an entrepreneur in the future. Jade's resilience, kind- spirit, and creativity will get her very far!