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Shoes and clothes for Kingstyn to be ready for the start of school

Posted Aug 17, 2023
It's time for Kingstyn to get ready for school. He needs some sweet new shoes and some clothes to be stylish this fall. Target has the best graphic tee selection and he can't wait to pick out some great new things. Kingstyn will be so grateful for this wish being granted.

Kingstyn is 9 years old and lives in RI

Kingstyn is a loveable child. He is a genuine child who always finds a spot in someone's heart. He is a child of many hobbies, including manga reading and watching anime series. He likes to check out books at the local library. He enjoys time with his two little sisters and, as the oldest, likes to make sure his sisters are sought over first.

The Wish Story

Ronda grants the wish for Kingstyn! Thanks Ronda.

"Have a great school year Kingstyn!!! Enjoy your shopping trip. With Love ❤️ from Oregon! "

One Simple Wish sends the gift to the Child & Family RI for Kingstyn.

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