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A Laptop for Leighlahna to get college

Posted Sep 28, 2023
Leighlahna has been crushing her goals to make it to college. Unfortunately, the laptop she used for high school broke. With so many classes online or hybrid, Leighlahna is needing a new laptop for her college classes. She would be so grateful for this laptop as it can do everything she needs and then some! Her future is bright and having a new laptop will allow her to achieve it all!

Leighlahna is 19 years old and lives in MO

Leighlahna was in foster care until she aged out. She hasn't let anything stop her from working hard to achieve her goals and dreams. She shows kindness and always has a smile for everyone. She has four siblings and loves when she gets to see them. Leighlahna will be going to college and is so excited. She has worked hard through school to make sure she would be accepted into college.