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Pottery supplies for Kylie to create her art at home

Posted Sep 28, 2023
Creating art has been the most beneficial way for Kylie to work through her grief. Recently, she has taken up Pottery. A gift certificate will allow her to make her own pieces of art from her home. Kylie has been taking potter classes at the local art center, and she is permitted to bring in her own pieces and use their kiln. These art pieces of Kylie's will be gifted to her family and friends for the upcoming Christmas.

Kylie is 42 years old and lives in CO

Kylie and her sister entered foster care after loosing their father to suicide and enduring physical abuse, emotional abuse, and neglect by their mother. They were eventually placed with their paternal uncle. She and her sister went on to be the first in their family to both graduate high school and college. Kylie went on to work in the social services field, helping others be safe and successful. Kylie's 9 year old daughter was killed in 2019 in an egrious event and she has one surviving daughter. Kylie loves art and nature as healing modalities in her grief.

The Wish Story

Foster Alumni Mentors requests this wish for Kylie.

One Simple Wish posts the wish to the website.

Awesome Human grants the wish for Kylie! Thanks Awesome Human.

"Pottery is a great way to express your creativity. It's a ancient art that people have been doing for almost 30,000 years. You join a long line of people that have turned simple lumps of clay into beautiful works of art. "

One Simple Wish sends the gift to the Foster Alumni Mentors for Kylie.

Kylie receives the gift from Foster Alumni Mentors!

"I appreciate your willingness to help this starving artist acquire art supplies! Art is very important to me, and without it, I would be in total disarray but it keeps me going as well as knowing there are kind folks like you in this world. Thank you so much. "

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