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Bike for Erick to enjoy exercising and staying active

Posted Sep 28, 2023
Erick has issues with weight gain and acknowledges that his active level is not where it should be. He thinks a bike will help him stay active. With a bike, he can bike around the foster home premises as they live on acres of land. Once he can practice and feel more comfortable, this bike can be brought to the park. He has started trying to walk the paths at the park, but a bike would be more enjoyable and he can travel the bike path. Erick says he will be much more active and healthy if he has a bike of his own.

Erick is 14 years old and lives in OH

Erick loves playing video games as that is a time for him to speak to his friends in his native language to him. He is wonderful with the family's pets and enjoys caring for them, he loves music, and watching the foster mom cook different things and participating when he is comfortable! Erick has had a very traumatic childhood that has led him to the foster home that he is at currently. Erick was brought over to the states when he was younger, and due to the abuse he received was put into foster care. Erick has been into previous foster homes, but has never stayed for a long period of time. His current foster placement is one of his longest. While in his foster home, Erick has begun to feel comfortable around his foster parents, consultant, school personal and now his therapist. While previously Erick would never have spoken about his history or his emotions, Erick now is coming to understand he is loved and cared for.

The Wish Story

Adriel Foster Care and Adoption requests this wish for Erick.

One Simple Wish posts the wish to the website.

Awesome Human grants the wish for Erick! Thanks Awesome Human.

"I hope you get a bike you love. Biking is a great way to stay active outside and have time by yourself. "

One Simple Wish sends the gift to the Adriel Foster Care and Adoption for Erick.

Erick receives the gift from Adriel Foster Care and Adoption!

"Thank you for granting this wish for Erick! He is going to love riding his bike and will be able to use this as a positive coping skill. Thank you for your kindness in helping Erick's well being. "

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