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A humidifier for Kat to keep the air clean and relief allergies

Posted Sep 11, 2023
Kat is doing an amazing job in school and is set to graduate soon! She's been super dedicated and has been using all of the school's resources, like the library, tutors, and counselors. Recently, she found out that her allergies can be triggered by pollen or dust mites. She's already doing a great job keeping things clean, but with her busy school schedule, she can only clean on weekends. She's thinking an air purifier might be a good solution for her weekday needs.

Kathleen is 23 years old and lives in CA

Kathleen is a hardworking and always smiling. She dedicates most of her time on studying and being a full time student at a Cal State University, while working part time in the food industry. She hopes to one day become a film director or well known photographer. She is very independent and tries to see the good in everyone and everything. Although growing up in the foster care system and not having the support from her biological mother, Kathleen always wishes nothing but the best for her mother, and is thankful for those who have helped her with a safe home throughout foster care. You will always find her with a smile on her face and can count on her to put a smile on your face as well, because she is simply that amazing.

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