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A desk for Alexis to do schoolwork efficiently

Posted Sep 12, 2023
Alexis has been going through a tough time with school recently because of some financial issues and fees. It's a shame that she had to withdraw from her course last semester, but thankfully she's managed to sort things out and is now back on track to finish her major in radiology technology! She's enrolled full-time now and seems to be doing well managing her school schedule alongside her work schedule. However, when it comes to doing homework, she's struggling to find a suitable spot in her tiny room. Currently, she's making do with the dining table when her roommate isn't around, or her bed (although that's not very ergonomic and can make her sleepy!). It seems like a foldable desk would be a perfect solution for her, as she could use it when needed and then store it safely away. Hopefully, she'll be able to get one soon and it will make studying much easier for her!

Alexis is 24 years old and lives in CA

Alexis is a hardworking, school driven, kind-hearted individual who can be seen spreading joy to those who cross paths with her. Alexis likes to make people laugh and smile, as well as help those in need. She is very reserved but once she is confident she will warm hearts with her joy and kindness. Alexis hopes to one day graduate as a radiology technician so that she can work with people and guide them through their health care experience so that they do not feel alone.

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"Hi Alexis, I hope this desk is helpful, congrats on working on your radiology certification! Regards, Rozann"

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Alexis receives the wish from Walden Family Services

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