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Gas help for Kendrick to attend his applied behavior therapy sessions

Posted Sep 19, 2023
Kendrick is diagnosed with autism and has limited speech. He attends a specialized program every day for applied behavioral analysis. Kendrick is in need of this gas gift card due to the financial struggles that he and Mom are presently experiencing. Mom wants to ensure that he is able to continue to attend and requests assistance in purchasing gas to get him to the program. Mom has her own limited mobility and health concerns and is in the process of trying to get approved for disability assistance to better care for herself and Kendrick.

Kendrick is 8 years old and lives in KY

Kendrick loves watching sensory videos about sand. He enjoys playing with the toy cars in his ABA program. He recently started swim lessons and has a fascination with water. He loves his cat named Prince. He is diagnosed with autism and has limited speech. Kendrick attends a specialized program every day. Mom is a single parent to this wonderful special needs child. Kendrick's father passed away prior to his birth, and his mom has been on her own ever since.

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Awesome Human grants the wish for Kendrick! Thanks Awesome Human.

"Keep up the good work in ABA! My kiddos are older now, but they really liked ABA too. "

One Simple Wish sends the gift to the Home of the Innocents for Kendrick.

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