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A shopping experience for Karina who is turning 18

Posted Sep 21, 2023
Karina is turning 18 years old and is becoming more interested in makeup and fashion. She wants to be able to express herself and do what makes her feel confident. This wish will help her explore what she likes and have the opportunity to be able to shop for things such as makeup, and perfumes like other girls her age. Karina hasn't always had the same opportunities as some of her peers may, so hopefully, this will help her feel as normal and as confident as possible. Karina's birthday is coming up, and she will be beyond happy for her wish to be granted!

Belsy Karina is 18 years old and lives in NJ

Belsy Karina, who goes by Karina, is a resilient young adult who has gone through so much in her short lifetime. Karina lost her mother when she was ten years old. She immigrated from Guatemala with her younger brother and their maternal grandfather. Her challenges continued when she was diagnosed with end-stage kidney failure. It was difficult to get treatment due to her immigration status, and she ended up in state custody so she could get the help she needed. After some time, she was excited to be reunited with her brother and grandfather. Karina faced many battles still: dialysis, a special diet, medications, as well as specialist appointments and procedures. Unfortunately, Karina and her brother had to be removed from her grandfather’s care for their safety. She and her brother found themselves in another relative’s home for a short while until they were moved again. Karina has been placed in several homes since, due to the amount of medical care she requires. This was a huge struggle for her, as she feels protective of her brother, and they have now been placed separately. In February of 2023, Karina received her kidney transplant and healed in just a matter of weeks. Since then, Karina’s biological father passed away, causing her distress and concern that she has no one but her brother left. Karina has been working on her behaviors and coping with her stress through the help of a therapist. She continues to have optimism for life and her future. All in all, Karina was faced with many barriers and obstacles in her young life and continues to triumph against all odds.

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