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A great vacuum for Deborah to keep her house clean

Posted Nov 1, 2023
Deborah is a wonderful mom who is doing an amazing job raising her little girl. Deborah had a tough start in life and spent most of it in foster care, but she's now living on her own and doing her best to provide for her daughter. Unfortunately, her old vacuum broke down, and she's already tried fixing it twice, but it's beyond repair. She's really hoping to get a new vacuum that can last for years so she can keep her house clean and comfortable for her and her little girl. It would mean the world to her if she could get a helping hand!

Deborah is 22 years old and lives in MO

Deborah was in foster care until she aged out. She does not have any family and raises a little girl named Avery. She loves her little girl very much. She is a loving and caring mom. She works part time and then her little girl got sick, and she was left without a job due to various reasons. She loves being with her little girl, watching movies, and doing puzzles. She also loves reading books and of course Avery is loving to have mom read to her. A great mom with a sweet little girl.

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"Hi Deborah. I am also a single mom and my little girl (adopted) has been sick often this year. I connected with your story and wanted to help. I hope this takes away some stress so you can be present with your daughter. You are a great mom. Don’t give up! I’ll be praying for you and cheering you on. You are loved. Laura. "

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