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A Nintendo Switch for Caleb to stay connected with his brother

Posted Oct 3, 2023
Caleb is one of 8 siblings; however, sadly, he hasn't grown up with most of them. He has visits with some of his siblings, but wishes they could see each other more. Caleb and his brother David recently talked about David's Christmas wish for a Nintendo Switch. Caleb wishes for one too, so that he and David can play games together when they cannot see each other. This would be a fun way for the brothers to stay connected. This gift would give Caleb the best Christmas ever!

Caleb is 10 years old and lives in NJ

Caleb is a typical boy who loves sports, playing outside with his friends, riding his bike, and playing video games. He has endless energy and is rarely ever just sitting down. Caleb does okay in school but has to work on socializing a little bit less and focusing more. He gets his work done quickly but then can't sit still. He likes math and science the most and dislikes reading. He loves it when they have experiments or projects to do.

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