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A bed for Cheyenne who wants to sleep in her own bed again

Posted Oct 12, 2023
Cheyenne rents a single room for herself and her 3 girls. She has 1 bed and most nights her daughters sleep in the bed while she ends up sleeping on the floor next to them. Cheyenne has been saving for a safer and larger place and she hasn't found it in her to take from her savings to get the bed that she wants for her girls. Cheyenne has been working a lot of hours since she started her new job. Once she is able to get a new bed for her daughters, she'll be able to sleep better, her back won't hurt all the time and just be an overall better and happier person.

Cheyenne is 26 years old and lives in CA

Cheyenne is a single mother to 3 girls. She has unlearned a lot of bad habits and is on track to creating a great life for herself and her girls. Things have been tough, but she got a job in law enforcement and is now excited for the future. She is ready to give her kids a better life than the one she had. Cheyenne is a Christian and does not know what she would do without her faith and the friendships and support she's gotten from participating in Awakening Giantz.

The Wish Story

Awakening Giantz requests this wish for Cheyenne.

One Simple Wish posts the wish to the website.

Awesome Human grants the wish for Cheyenne! Thanks Awesome Human.

"May God bless you!! You are loved!!"

One Simple Wish sends the gift to the Awakening Giantz for Cheyenne.

Cheyenne receives the gift from Awakening Giantz!

"Cheyenne was so ecstatic to receive her triple bunk bed and even more ecstatic when she finally was able to send us a photo. "Thank you so much I am so much more comfortable in my space now and my children are happy so that's a huge plus.""

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