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Marvel hangout building set for Everett for Christmas

Posted Oct 13, 2023
Everett is super excited for Christmas this year. He really enjoys the holiday season. He is going to have so much fun with this cool Marvel headquarters hangout building set. He loves superheroes, and this will give him the chance to play so many hero games!

Everett is 9 years old and lives in OH

Everett is a very busy boy who loves everything about superheroes. He knows all of the Marvel movie characters and has favorites of which of the heroes are the best in various scenarios. Everett is a good big brother, who tries to help his sister whenever he can since they have had little consistency except for one another.

The Wish Story

Therapeutic Interagency Program requests this wish for Everett.

One Simple Wish posts the wish to the website.

Sankalp grants the wish for Everett! Thanks Sankalp.

"Hope you have fun Everett and Merry Christmas! P.S: My favourite superhero is Iron Man ;)"

One Simple Wish sends the gift to the Therapeutic Interagency Program for Everett.

Therapeutic Interagency Program receives the wish!

Everett receives the gift from Therapeutic Interagency Program !

"Thank you so much! Everett is going to be super excited on Christmas morning to open this cool Lego set."

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