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A final payment for Payton to own her Euphonium

Posted Oct 20, 2023
Payton is an amazing youth who loves music and band. In her 6th grade year, she begged to play the Euphonium. Her mom made it work by doing a 3-year payment plan. Then, life events happened, and Payton ended up in foster care. Her mom has maintained the payments, and Payton has excelled in playing this instrument. She cannot wait to be in the high school band next year. Her mom is just a couple of months away from getting full custody back and has been working to make sure every single goal she has is met. She is struggling to pay off this last little bit, and this would take so much pressure off of the family. Payton will be so heartbroken if something happens and she can't own her beautiful instrument. Payton's wish is for the final amount to be paid for and to know that this Euphonium is truly hers!

Payton is 15 years old and lives in MO

Payton is a very quiet and laid-back young lady. She hides her feelings and her emotions by spending time to herself watching TikTok. She is creative and is excited about being in school plays. She likes being in the choir and plays percussion in the band at school. Payton has spent the last several months in foster care with grandparents while her mom gets things ready for her to return home. Payton is trying her hardest to make it through what the last few years have thrown at her and her family.

The Wish Story

Preferred Family Employment Services/Chafee Program requests this wish for Payton.

One Simple Wish posts the wish to the website.

Awesome Human grants the wish for Payton! Thanks Awesome Human.

"Payton - I grew up playing the violin and it gave me so much joy and a wonderful outlet for my creativity and emotions. Joining a band in high school also helped me connect with others that loved music as much as I did. I still remember how much it meant to me when my mom paid for my violin (that had been rented up until then) so I could own it after I turned 18. I still love that violin so much and take great care of it. I hope you can feel as much joy and pride owning your Euphonium! Sina"

One Simple Wish sends the gift to the Preferred Family Employment Services/Chafee Program for Payton.

Preferred Family Employment Services/Chafee Program receives the wish!

Payton receives the gift from Preferred Family Employment Services/Chafee Program!

"From Payton’s Family: The person who made this happen for my daughter we appreciate you This is taken a huge weight off of our shoulders, knowing that this was paid off. Peyton is so excited to know that she owns this now and it’s all hers. Thank you and happy holidays to your family as well.. From PFH thank you also. And also since this wish took a little longer to get granted they had made another payment. This allowed us to also cover another four year warranty for the instrument. Thank you so much. And happy holidays."

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