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A Paw Patrol CD player for Issac to listen to music to help him sleep

Posted Oct 19, 2023
Issac's trauma has him struggling to get to sleep. The sounds of the night and thoughts of the past has him fighting the sand man. The family has found that he does much better with music to calm his weary bones and block out the creaks, sirens and family sounds. He will get better rest with music playing in the background and if he wakes up, he will be able to fall back to sleep.

Isaac is 6 years old and lives in MI

Isaac is a happy and energetic young boy who has been in foster care for almost a year. He is very caring to others when he sees them sad of hurt and want to be the caregiver. He loves animals and can be seen petting and talking with them if he thinks they are needing loved.

The Wish Story

Wellspring Lutheran Services requests this wish for Isaac.

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Awesome Human grants the wish for Isaac! Thanks Awesome Human.

One Simple Wish sends the gift to the Wellspring Lutheran Services for Isaac.

Isaac receives the wish from Wellspring Lutheran Services

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