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A name change for A'Zeryia who wants her name to match with her family

Posted Oct 31, 2023
A'Zeryia is the only one in the household who has a different last name and is old enough to notice. The decision to change her last name holds immense significance for her, as it will help restore her sense of belonging within the family, as she occasionally feels like an outsider and has started questioning her unique name. Additionally, simplifying her name by changing the hyphenated last name will not only strengthen her familial bond but also alleviate any confusion A’Zeryia encounters due to also having two middle names.

A'Zeryia Savage-Johnson is 6 years old and lives in CA

A’Zeryia is a vibrant and energetic girl with a passion for singing, dancing, and playfully somersaulting through the house. She has a sweet tooth for ice cream and relishes pizza and hot dogs as her top food choices. Her heart is tied to the world of pink, and she cherishes her time spent with toys.

The Wish Story

Alliance for Children's Rights requests this wish for A'Zeryia Savage-Johnson.

One Simple Wish posts the wish to the website.

Awesome Human grants the wish for A'Zeryia Savage-Johnson! Thanks Awesome Human.

"Hi :) This request really touched me. I know how important names are, and I hope all goes well with the process. Happy holidays!"

One Simple Wish sends the gift to the Alliance for Children's Rights for A'Zeryia Savage-Johnson.

A'Zeryia Savage-Johnson receives the wish from Alliance for Children's Rights

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