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A much needed Chromebook for Jeremiah to get his school work completed

Posted Oct 31, 2023
Jeremiah was having to use an old laptop that belonged to his grandmother. He also had to share it with two other kids in the home, but unfortunately, it has died! He is asking for his own Chromebook that he doesn't have to share and can get all his school assignments completed. He would be so happy to have his own Chromebook and be able to do his assignments when they need to be done!

Jeremiah is 10 years old and lives in AL

Jeremiah and his siblings recently moved in with their grandparents. Their mom was challenged with making good choices for the family. Jeremiah has been affected greatly by his moms' choices and is currently in play therapy to work through his emotions. He is a smart little boy who enjoys the creative process of taking things apart and putting them back together. He also loves spending time with his siblings and solitary moments outdoors.

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"Merry Christmas!"

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Jeremiah receives the wish from Grandparents As Parents

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