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Christmas Tree for Krystal and her kids

Posted Nov 5, 2023
Krystal really wants to get a Christmas tree for her and her kids to enjoy. One of her favorite memories at one of her foster homes was helping with decorating the house for Christmas. Now that she has the space, she would love to have a Christmas tree.

Krystal is 30 years old and lives in MI

Krystal entered the foster care system at the age of 14. During that time, she moved in with her maternal grandmother. Afterwards, she lived with her high school Basketball coach. Then, with her friend's family. When she was 18, her friend's parents helped her enroll in college. She became an RN. Currently, she isn't working because of an autoimmune disease. She stays home with her toddler, so her husband's income is their only source of income.

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"Thank you so much!"

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