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Gamestop gift card for Menese to get a new controller

Posted Nov 14, 2023
Menese would like a new console controller so she can play her video games without annoying her aunt. Menese says she loves playing video games so much because it was her coping method to get away from all the drama at her former home. She is still getting used to a calm and mellow home living with her Aunt, but her Aunt is getting used to having a teen who is loud and always playing video games.

Menese is 16 years old and lives in AZ

Menese is a strikingly beautiful young lady who thinks she's just an ordinary plain Jane. If only she knew how beautiful she was on the outside just like she is on the inside. Menese is into fashion and doing her nails. She doesn't focus much on her make-up but to be honest, she doesn't need to. She is smart, funny and kind. Menese lives with her aunt and has been settling into her new life away from all the drama.

The Wish Story

Grace Retreat Foster Care and Adoption Services requests this wish for Menese.

One Simple Wish posts the wish to the website.

Kimmy grants the wish for Menese! Thanks Kimmy.

"My 16 y.o. daughter plays Roblox when she needs to cope, relax or get away from her drama. It can be a great escape. Please enjoy, have a merry Christmas and happy holidays."

One Simple Wish sends the gift to the Grace Retreat Foster Care and Adoption Services for Menese.

Grace Retreat Foster Care and Adoption Services receives the wish!

Menese receives the gift from Grace Retreat Foster Care and Adoption Services!

"Thank you so much for helping Menese get a new controller. She feels so blessed to have her wish granted. Merry Christmas."

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