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Headphones to help Karly focus

Posted Nov 22, 2023
Karly is wishing for some Bluetooth headphones. She loves spending time with her family, but when she wants to watch her shows, listen to her music, or play her games, she does it in her room so she doesn't disturb the rest of the family. You see, music is not only a source of joy for Karly, but it's also a great inspiration for her art. She loves it! She really wants these noise-canceling Sony Bluetooth headphones that come with a bunch of features to help her concentrate better on her art, work, homework, and so on. They even have a mode that lets her take part in conversations with others while she's wearing them. How cool is that? With these headphones, Karly will finally be able to hang out with her family in the living room and enjoy her own preferences of shows, music, and games without worrying about disturbing anyone. Plus, they'll keep her inspired by the pop culture of digital art in all its forms.

Karly is 20 years old and lives in CA

Karly respects artists and wants to become one herself, which is why she entered the art program at CSULB. She wishes to become a graphic designer for a company to create logo designs, pamphlets, infographics, or web designs for any website. This new generation is where technology is at its peak. Understandably, Karly wants to become a graphic designer, but as every artist knows, sketching or planning out is where the main idea of designs starts. Karly loves to see what she imagines firsthand rather than during the process. She loves watching shows, listening to music, & playing games which helps her inspiration for art to expand. She finds it a necessity for her now in the digital era of art, so she finds as much art to stimulate her motivation.

The Wish Story

California State University, Long Beach requests this wish for Karly.

One Simple Wish posts the wish to the website.

*OSW Towards A Wish grants the wish for Karly! Thanks *OSW Towards A Wish.

One Simple Wish sends the gift to the California State University, Long Beach for Karly.

California State University, Long Beach receives the wish!

Karly receives the gift from California State University, Long Beach!

"I thank you, One Simple Wish, for giving me the opportunity to have my headphones of my dreams. I am overjoyed to accept this wish and appreciate this. "

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