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Driving lessons for Audrey who wants have her own transportation

Posted Nov 22, 2023
Audrey would like access to a driving school and get an instructor to help her study for the drivers written test and attend driving lessons. Audrey lives with her aunt (legal guardian) and her three younger siblings, where Audrey’s aunt is the only person in her household that owns a car and drives. Though Audrey lives 16 minutes away from school she needs to take the bus to school which normally takes about 40 minutes to an hour. However, Audrey’s aunt is planning to move farther away within the next year, and this will greatly increase the commute time from home to school. This will affect Audrey’s education because since she cannot drive, she will need to switch from in-person learning to remote learning, which is a problem because Audrey cannot comprehend and pay attention to class when online learning. Therefore, Audrey needs her driver's license. Audrey has been trying to study the driver's handbook to prepare for the written test, but she needs an instructor to help her study.

Audrey is 19 years old and lives in CA

Audrey is in her first year at Cal State Long Beach. She is pursuing a degree in Business Management. Her goal is to gain knowledge and experience on how to start and maintain a business. She plans to join internships within her business major to get more involved with her desired career and gain connections with her class. Audrey’s goal is to earn her bachelor's degree in business management in the next 4 years and become a licensed cosmetologist. Her dream is to become a hair technician with her own salon. Audrey would love to style hair and form connections with her clients. Her favorite part of styling hair was at the end, when she sees her sisters/cousin's run to the closest mirror and express a bundle of joy and excitement to their hairstyle. Audrey loved sending her cousins and sisters to school looking cute with their hairstyles. She loves to make people feel good about themselves and receive many compliments for her work. Audrey is a truly kind and sociable person.

The Wish Story

California State University, Long Beach requests this wish for Audrey.

One Simple Wish posts the wish to the website.

Awesome Human grants the wish for Audrey! Thanks Awesome Human.

"Audrey - kudos to you for asking for the support you need. You got this girl - any time you need to yell, just yell my name ("Celina") and be annoyed with me. Audrey, you got this. I believe in you. Advocate for yourself and make it happen. You got this."

One Simple Wish sends the gift to the California State University, Long Beach for Audrey.

California State University, Long Beach receives the wish!

Audrey receives the gift from California State University, Long Beach!

"To the awesome person that granted my wish, Thank You so much for the support in helping me accomplish this wish of mine. I greatly appreciate you! Thanks to you, now I am able to proceed with my goal and receive driving lessons. I really appreciate your help and now I am one step closer to getting my driver's license. Thank You!"

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