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Groceries for Lore to feed her family over the holidays

Posted Dec 1, 2023
Lore is one busy bee! She's juggling her full-time school schedule with an unpaid internship, and to top it off, she's got student loans looming over her head. With the holidays around the corner, Lore's also got to make sure her family has enough to eat. Luckily, she loves to shop in bulk and store her home-cooked meals in the freezer. A Whole Foods gift card would really help her out and ensure her family has delicious meals while she's studying.

Lore is 20 years old and lives in CA

Lore is currently attending San Mateo College and Canada College, and majoring in Fire Science. She is extremely dedicated to her studies, and determined to make her dream of being a Firefighter/ EMT, come true.

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"I can't imagine that much responsibility! Very impressive. Best of luck with your studies and Happy Holidays! Love, The Cushing Family "

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