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A kindle for Koda to encourage his love of reading

Posted Nov 27, 2023
Koda has struggled with reading since he was in kindergarten. This year he has completely found his love for books and reads everything he can put his hands on. He goes through books very quickly and it’s hard to keep up when he finishes a book to move onto the next one in the series. He would enjoy having a library at his fingertips.

Koda is 9 years old and lives in GA

Koda has always been such a sweetheart! He did struggle a lot with anger management when he was placed in his current home. He relied mostly on his sister for everything as that was his only constant. Through sports and therapy, his foster parents have found a balance to not only improve his emotional state but also strengthening his focus. He is highly energetic and is all boy. He excels in school with A’s and B’s. He currently resides with his foster moms, who will be adopting him, and his sister. He is so loving, sweet and mild-tempered you would never believe he ever had an issue controlling his anger. He is on multiple sports teams to keep him focused and disciplined, football, baseball, basketball and wrestling. Aside from sports he loves TV, Video games and all things Pokémon related.

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