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Sensory swing for Skylar to have a special calming space

Posted Dec 11, 2023
Skylar has found many benefits through her journey in therapy and foster care regarding sensory play and input. She can now remove herself and engage in a sensory activity to re-regulate her emotions and feelings. Skylar enjoys her weighted blanket and loves to be in smaller spaces. She enjoys the movement of swinging as well, as she has found it helps her calm down. Skylar asked for a swing as well as other sensory items for the holidays and foster parents are hopeful, with some help, they can provide this to her.

Skylar is 7 years old and lives in SC

Skylar is a friendly, outgoing, smart, and eager-to-learn young girl. She has come so far since entering foster care and has found ways that assist her with dealing with her complex feelings and emotions. Skylar is curious and loves learning new things. She enjoys finding things that work for her and has always been very responsive to sensory play. Finding new ways to get the sensory input she is seeking has been a priority of hers and her caregivers.

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"Skylar you are awesome. It sounds like some great people love you enough to request this and want nothing but great things for you. Keep reaching for the stars. "

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Skylar receives the wish from Epworth Children's Home

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