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A certificate for Jaquel to become a Life Coach

Posted Nov 28, 2023
Jaquel is looking to take a new direction in their career and they need some support. Jaquel is considering the options and looking into becoming a Life Coach. It's a rapidly growing industry and can be incredibly rewarding. You get to help people achieve their goals while also earning a good income. It's definitely worth considering!

Jaquel is 30 years old and lives in CA

Jaquel experienced many hardships during his time in foster care. He experienced physical and emotional abuse throughout his childhood. He prevailed by graduating from high school against all odds. Jaquel does not have family support and seeks this aspect of community and connection with his church. The lack of support and institutionalization of the system affected his educational motivation, but he persevered and graduated.

The Wish Story

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"Good luck in your endeavor. Be kind"

One Simple Wish sends the gift to the Foster Nation for Jaquel.

Foster Nation receives the wish!

Jaquel receives the gift from Foster Nation!

"Jaquel is very excited for his new endeavors! He is delighted to have received his certificate. "

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