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About This Wish

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A Jacket for Zi'Aja who has just had to transition to a new home

Posted Dec 4, 2023
Zi'Aja has just had to move once again to another home and is struggling. Most of their clothing no longer fits and only some of their belongings have made the multiple moves. Zi'Aja picked out a jacket that they can wear inside and outside and that will last for them.

Zi'Aja is 17 years old and lives in NJ

Zi'Aja is a great young person who overcame so many obstacles in life. They have also battle with their identity and struggle to fit in and live up to others expectations. Zi'Aja is a beautiful being but hated how they looked. They never wanted to take pictures and it was hard for them to look at themselves in the mirror. When sharing their view with others they were degraded, which lead to depression and them wanting to commit suicide. Zi'Aja received the helped they needed and continue utilizing their resources. Zi'Aja is now comfortable in their skin. They now know they want to be a photographer. Now when Zi'Aja looks in the mirror, they see the beautiful person they have always been.

The Wish Story

Family Services requests this wish for Zi'Aja.

One Simple Wish posts the wish to the website.

Awesome Human grants the wish for Zi'Aja! Thanks Awesome Human.

"Happy Holidays, Zi'Aja! I hope this jacket keeps you warm, and lets you feel fabulous!"

One Simple Wish sends the gift to the Family Services for Zi'Aja.

Family Services receives the wish!

Zi'Aja receives the gift from Family Services !

"Zi'Aja was so excited about their new jacket. It was so much fun to watch them open it up. They wanted me to make sure that the wish granter knows how happy they are about this wish being granted. Thank you again."

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