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Shoe covering machine for Taliyah to keep her apartment germ-free

Posted Dec 7, 2023
Taliyah recently moved into a new apartment and she's absolutely loving it! She's so grateful for her new space and wants to take good care of it by maintaining its cleanliness. Taliyah is expecting a baby soon and is trying to plan ahead by taking precautions against any potential illnesses or germs that visitors might bring into her home. That's why she's looking for a shoe-covering machine that will allow her guests and visitors to enter her space without having to remove their shoes. This way, everyone can easily cover their shoes and avoid bringing in any germs or contaminants that often cling to the bottom of footwear.

Taliyah is 22 years old and lives in CA

Taliyah is a vibrant and energetic young lady who is headed for success. She is the oldest sibling of three and is excited to work on her independence. Taliyah is excited to finish her high school credits and obtain her diploma so she can start taking general education courses at the local community college. Taliyah would like to work with exotic animals in the future as a veterinarian and animal training assistant.

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