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A slime kit for Tylizza who loves the feeling of slime

Posted Dec 10, 2023
Tylizza is eager to receive a slime kit for Christmas to delve into the world of creative and sensory play. This unique gift sparks her imagination, allowing her to experiment with colors, textures, and shapes, fostering artistic expression and providing endless hours of fun. Tylizza envisions the slime kit as a source of entertainment and a delightful way to engage in hands-on, imaginative activities during the holiday season.

Tylizza is 7 years old and lives in TX

Tylizza is a such a delightful and sweet girl with a heart full of warmth and joy. Her days are always filled with laughter and imagination as she indulges in playing with her beloved dolls. Tylizza shares a special bond with her sisters that goes beyond just family ties, and it's truly heartwarming to witness. She embodies the sweetness of childhood and finds joy in the simple pleasures of life - like playing with dolls, spending time with her sisters, and expressing herself through dance. Tylizza's infectious enthusiasm and love for these activities make her a radiant and charming presence in the world around her.

The Wish Story

The Homes for Children requests this wish for Tylizza.

One Simple Wish posts the wish to the website.

William grants the wish for Tylizza! Thanks William.

One Simple Wish sends the gift to the The Homes for Children for Tylizza.

The Homes for Children receives the wish!

Tylizza receives the gift from The Homes for Children!

"My sincere thanks for the fantastic slime kit you granted for Tylizza. Your thoughtful present has sparked creativity and endless fun. She's absolutely delighted, and we appreciate your generosity in making her playtime so special."

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