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A breakfast treat for Junasia who loves Dunkin Donuts

Posted Dec 21, 2023
Junasia is doing a wonderful job staying on task. She is halfway finished with college and is learning to enjoy the experience. She is an intern with a local mentoring program for other foster care children. Recently, she has been struggling to make ends meet after paying her bills and barely has spending money for herself. Because she is always busy sometimes she only gets to eat lunch. A gift card to Dunkin Donuts would allow herer favorite place while she on the go.

Junasia is 23 years old and lives in NJ

Junasia is a wonderful young lady who loves to do track. School, work and a work study program take up a lot of Junasia's time. Junasia is a hard worker and enjoys exploring her talents. Junasia love making scented soaps and bath bombs. Junasia loves wearing jewelry and expressing herself through fashion. She has a passion for psychology and nursing and is determined to incorporate others into her career!

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Junasia receives the gift from Charity Kings Inc.!

"Thank you very much for granting my holiday wish. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays."

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