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An iPad for Marla to complete her school work

Posted Jan 22, 2024
Marla has a birthday coming up, and she wishes to own an iPad to support her schoolwork. Unfortunately, due to financial limitations, she has been unable to afford one. Fulfilling this wish would greatly enhance her educational journey, granting her access to educational resources, interactive learning apps, and the ability to stay connected with teachers and classmates. She would be so excited to receive an iPad for her big day!

Marla is 15 years old and lives in NJ

Marla is a resilient and creative young girl. Marla has a passion for arts and crafts, finding solace and joy in creating beautiful things. She also enjoys playing video games and going on outings with her closest friends. These activities provide her with a sense of happiness and escape from the difficulties of their current situation. Marla's story is a testament to the strength and resilience of the human spirit.

The Wish Story

KFS&C requests this wish for Marla.

One Simple Wish posts the wish to the website.

Vivienne grants the wish for Marla! Thanks Vivienne.

"Hi Marla! I am very happy to send you this present. I know it will help you with your school; work and maybe to have some fun with too. I send you every best wish for your birthday and look forward to knowing you will be enjoying your big day! Happy birthday! Best, Vivienne"

One Simple Wish sends the gift to the KFS&C for Marla.

KFS&C receives the wish!

Marla receives the gift from KFS&C!

"This is a wonderful gift for Marla, who has wanted to own an iPad her entire life. She is happy that she finally owns one. Thanks to you! :)"

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